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Looking for some new music to check out? Check out the following releases by some friends of mine. I was lucky enough to be a part of both projects. Hope you enjoy!


Ian Ethan Case, Narrow Way to be released Sep 8

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Ian Ethan Case, Narrow Way

Consisting of nine original compositions and based around Ian’s unique work on the kalimba and fretless guitar, “The Narrow Way” features some of the best up-and-coming musicians from around the country includingJeremy Kittel(viola, violin),Nathaniel Smith(cello),Matt Kilmer(percussion),Caleb Dolister(drums),Jason Rafalak(upright bass),Dylan Coleman(upright bass), andEdward Howe(5-string electric fiddle) as well as gorgeous cover photography by outdoor photographerJim Stimson(Crowley Lake, CA) and award-winning portrait photographerSid Ceasar(Nashua, NH.)


Milton Merlos, Mi Amor

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Trumpet player Daniel Rosenboom releases cinematic album…

There is a filmmaker lurking within the musical vision of Daniel Rosenboom. It’s no coincidence that Rosenboom’s newest album, Fallen Angeles, is named after Los Angeles. After all, what city is more attached to the cinematic world than Hollywood, L.A.’s famous district? But the L.A. that Rosenboom sees isn’t the sunlit, starry-struck paradise of people’s imaginations. Rather, it’s the darker side of L.A., an enigmatic town of broken souls, punctured dreams, and buried secrets. In other words, it’s the L.A. that has fueled countless pulp fiction, and Rosenboom illustrates every sordid mile of it with the shadowy presence of his trumpet.