Trumpet player Daniel Rosenboom releases cinematic album…

There is a filmmaker lurking within the musical vision of Daniel Rosenboom. It’s no coincidence that Rosenboom’s newest album, Fallen Angeles, is named after Los Angeles. After all, what city is more attached to the cinematic world than Hollywood, L.A.’s famous district? But the L.A. that Rosenboom sees isn’t the sunlit, starry-struck paradise of people’s imaginations. Rather, it’s the darker side of L.A., an enigmatic town of broken souls, punctured dreams, and buried secrets. In other words, it’s the L.A. that has fueled countless pulp fiction, and Rosenboom illustrates every sordid mile of it with the shadowy presence of his trumpet.

Review on Daniel Rosenboom’s Fallen Angeles

The Los Angeles that Daniel Rosenboom illustrates on his latest album, Fallen Angeles, is a ghost. They’re portraits in spectral black and white, a collection of film noir images that unreel with barely contained vigor and explosive imagination.

There’s a lot to absorb here, both sonically and intellectually. Rosenboom is uncompromising in his artistic vision, refusing to settle for commercial accessibility. But the payoff is there on a creative level as Rosenboom has composed a record that challenges and thrills the senses, earning a significantly longer shelf life…


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Latest updates…. Kandinsky Record and Tour Complete… now for some sleep

Here is a quick update: I’ve been on the road for almost the last two months…. On August 23, 2011, I caught a plane to Paris, FR where I joined the Kandinsky Effect for a week of rehearsals… covering mostly new material that will end up on the new record. After that week, we traveled to Reykjavik Iceland… to perform at the annual Reykjavik jazz festival, and record the record at Syrland Studios.


And then from Sep 28 through Oct 22 was a long and extensive US/Canada tour



Super fun, but stoked to be home and sleeping 🙂



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