Time for an update? I mean really, does anyone even reads this… ?

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Let’s see. I’m writing this from the back of a van (not by the river) while on a short road-trip with Captain Midnight Band. We are on our way back to Nashville TN from playing 4 dates around the south. We rocked the hell out of “The Two Stick” in Oxford MS, “Martins” in Jackson MS, “Chelsea’s” in Baton Rouge LA, and “The Maple Leaf ” in New Orleans LA. I am very much in love with NOLA after this trip – even with half of the city still showing huge battle wounds from the Katrina disaster. Oh yeah, I met some tight peeps too… somehow I managed to find myself wandering around the streets of New Orleans at about 8:00 in the morning…. lucky for me, I stumbled back on the van and was able to crash out in a chair for a few hours before getting in the car… oh yeah, I’ll post photos as soon as my camera get’s mailed back to me… hahahaha. Additionally, I am getting a southern style nickname… people have started to call me toothpick (because I often have a toothpick hanging from my grill….). Just a warning….

A recount from the last few months: November was a mild month. I did a couple odd gigs, found a studio space to rent. December brought me back to Tahoe again for gigs over the holidays. The Reno music scene welcomed the reunion of several musicians that had left. Medulla Oblongata Ensemble, Operation Panda, and The Electrosonics all performed. The Electrosonics killed it at the Green Room on New Years Eve to several hundred people. I’ll have videos up from this trip shortly.

Plans for the future: get my recording setup going strong, start making some money by recording demo’s for people, do some quick road trips with the Worsties, get some more electrosonics action going… etc.

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