Latest updates…. Kandinsky Record and Tour Complete… now for some sleep

Here is a quick update: I’ve been on the road for almost the last two months…. On August 23, 2011, I caught a plane to Paris, FR where I joined the Kandinsky Effect for a week of rehearsals… covering mostly new material that will end up on the new record. After that week, we traveled to Reykjavik Iceland… to perform at the annual Reykjavik jazz festival, and record the record at Syrland Studios.


And then from Sep 28 through Oct 22 was a long and extensive US/Canada tour



Super fun, but stoked to be home and sleeping 🙂



Links of interest:


Daily Thumbprint Collection is released!

My first solo-album is finally out. You can find it on iTunes, emusic, napster, aimestreet, etc… It’s taken me 5 years to get this damn thing out, and I would really appreciate some listens, comments, and purchases. Don’t try to buy one from me in person… chances are I’ll just give you one… but you can pick them up without my awareness at or at live shows (I have them for sale at most shows).

The project is named “Daily Thumbprint Collection” and is entirely a solo-creation (except for appreciated contributions from Sam Minaie and Gavin Templeton on the first track). I wrote it, performed it, recorded it, mixed it, mastered it, and did the artwork and package design. I’m damn proud of it too, so please check it out!

More information or links to buy the album can be found at SNP Records

This is from the SNP Records website:

Daily Thumbprint Collection is a solo album by drummer Caleb Dolister. The album consists of several songs that have been worked, reworked, and then reworked again – some taking as long as 5 years. The initial sound is similar to that of a Downtempo, NuJazz, or Instrumental Indi-Rock album. It seems to be electronic-sounding, containing many ambient background sounds and fluid melodic synth-bass lines. But very quickly, the music starts becoming too unpredictable to be just another mix or loop based album… Many albums in the semi-electronic genre consist of live instruments played with sampled drum samples or loops. This album is the opposite: live drums. Approaching the album in this way seems to have given Caleb Dolister’s solo project a unique sense of life. It’s not just an electronic solo album – the life in the rhythms give it the energy of a rock album. For the listener – it presents itself very much like a personal soundtrack, but will surprise you with ferocious percussive energy and performance throughout.

Quick Update

So apparantly I am far behind in maintaining my website. I’ve been playing with Sol’Jibe ( since last September. The experience has been time consuming but well worth it. So far we have toured extensively and have been in several states: California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Baja California (Mexico).

I’ve got a bunch of pictures, but just lost my camera.
I’ve got a bunch of stories, but don’t feel like writing it all down.
I’ve made a ton of new friends, but have forgotten many names…
I’ve gotten to travel around and play music, but I’ve forgotten what color the outside of my house is….
That sort of wraps it up eh?

In other news, SNP Records released a few albums:

Cranium: Phantasmagoria (June 7th)
Axis Trio: The Hand (June 19th)
Daily Thumbprint Collection (my solo album – June 28th)

Leaving Colorado.

I spent the earlier part of the day swapping CD’s with Darren. I ended up leaving Co. around 5pm. East Colorado and all of Kansas really don’t have too much in them. I spent the night in Hayes Kansas. The following day I drove 650 miles. I passed through Kansas City, which is kinda cool looking. Then I passed through St. Louis which is cooler looking.

I did take a video while driving past the Arch. Cool stuff. I decided it was time to stop when I saw an exploded car on the side of the road. I spent the night at Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Uneventful. The following day I drove through Kentucky, then into Tennessee and finally arrived at my new home.