The Hum

Daily Thumbprint Collection, The Hum, is going to be a two album release. 

While Vol 1 and 2 are electronic music albums that feature live drums; The Hum features all live instrumentation.

I liked the sounds I could produce electronically, but I found myself often trying to mimic the sounds of live instruments. That’s kind of the nature with MIDI, but it can only go so far before it sounds canned. I decided it was time to write something that was meant for live instruments, and then collect recordings of my peers performing the parts.

I set out to accomplish this and began intentionally writing the music for Vol 3, The Hum almost immediately after releasing the first DTC album. It took me about 1 year to write the material, and about another 6 months to refine it. I felt the writing was really strong, but it definitely turned out to be a much bigger project than I thought when I began planning to recording it.

The final music included parts for about 25-30 instruments, and would require at least 20 musicians. I had an idea of the players I wanted to record, but they were spread around the country. Financially, getting all of these players in the same place at the same time would have been way beyond my means…. so I did the opposite. I cranked my credit cards, built a mobile recording rig, and started traveling to record everyone in their own cities.

It took 3 years to finish tracking this record and it was a lot of work, but I ended up recording with some of the best musicians I’ve met throughout my career as a drummer, and it sounds amazing.

I ended up driving thousands of miles with recording gear, and somehow convinced all these incredible musicians to record for a few hours in exchange for either beers, a little cash, rides to the airport, or sometimes even web development favors. We recorded parts in local studios, personal living rooms, bedrooms, temporary storage units, classrooms, and even setup once late at night in a woodworking warehouse.  The album also survived a tragic car accident; I was driving to LA to record and had all my drums, all my sensitive recording equipment including microphones and interfaces, laptop, and all the session backup hard drives, when suddenly a vehicle from the opposite side of a freeway lost control and crossed over  into my lane to collide full speed into the front of my 4runner. The combined speed of ~140 MPH completely destroyed my car. Tragically, the other driver didn’t make it…. somehow, I walked out that all of my gear and album data still intact, and thanks to help from friends was able to make it to LA and complete the recording sessions. That’s the kind of journey it’s been to get this music recorded, and I am sOOOOOO glad that part of the process is done. (whew!)

Since all of the tracking was done separately, edits and mixing has become an extensive undertaking. I honestly needed to take a few years away from the project to decompress, pay off debt, and create the mental space to re-approach it with a renewed sense of creativity. I’ve resumed production, and have enlisted the help of my long time friend Sam Minaie to help me complete the project.


Daily Thumbprint Collection Volumes 3 & 4 (The Hum) includes performances by the following musicians:

Musicians Recorded in San Francisco & Bay Area (recorded fall 2009)
Kati Dayner: Violin & Viola
Charith Premawardhana: Viola
Dorothy Wu: Flute
Adam Theis: Tuba & Trombone

Musicians Recorded in Reno (multiple recordings between 2009 through 2011)
Charles Tagart: Cello
Ryan Hall: Electric Guitar & Acoustic Guitar
Zachary Teran: Upright Bass
Peter Epstein: Alto Saxophone
James Hoover: Alto & Tenor Saxophone w/ Effects
Garret Grow: Acoustic Piano
Marina Roznitovsky: Harp
Tristan Selzler: Accordion

Musicians Recorded in Los Angeles (multiple recordings between 2009-2011)
Drew Jorgensen: Vibraphones
Brian Walsh: Clarinet & Bass Clarinet: 
Daniel Rosenboom: Trumpets
Gavin Templeton: Alto Sax
Adam Benjamin: Fender Rhodes w/ Effects
Alex Noice: Electric Guitar
Karina Kallas: Vocals

Musicians Recorded in Nashville (fall 2009)
Adam Agati: Electric Guitar
Charlie Pate: Mandolin

Musicians Recorded in New York (summer 2011)
Perry Smith: Electric Guitar
Sam Minaie: Electric Bass