Dr Mint albums released on Orenda Records

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My good friend Daniel Rosenboom recently formed a new record label project called Orenda Records. It looks like he’s off to a great start, and that’s especially good news because he has released the last Dr Mint recordings that have been on ice for the last few years.

Recorded as two separate long-form improvisations in October of 2008. The result is one of Dr Mints darkest recordings. I’m really amazed by how this turned out. The entire record is very patient, but it tells a fierce story. When the grooves hit, they hit hard, but the setup is actually quite emotional and churning.

Kingsize Sessions
I believe this was recorded in late 2010. Compared to Ritual, this record is very different. The entire record was made up of several short-form improvisations, and performed in a studio. The entire album was recorded in a single day, but the studio allowed us to experiment with new ideas that we had been unable to use in our live recordings.


So, a huge thanks to Orenda Records for releasing these great records. And when you have a chance, it’s definitely worth checking out all the projects over athttp://www.orendarecords.com.


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