Here is a collection of albums I’ve recorded on, in order of release year.


The Kandinsky Effect – Pax 6
Rope a Dope Records

Voices in the Void
Orenda Records

Upcoming releases (Odd Atlas & Twin Whales)


Gael Petrina
Lost EP


Daily Thumbprint Collection, Vol 2 Stencils

Daily Thumbprint Collection, Vol 2 Stencils

SNP Records (SNPDTC-002)

The Kandinsky Effect

The Kandinsky Effect – Somnambulist

“This heady trio cranks out driving, electronic-tinged power jazz. It’s a raucous party that’s a bit free and a touch punk.”

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The Kandinsky Effect - Synesthesia

The Kandinsky Effect – Synesthesia

“Few trends in popular music have made such an indelible impression on modern jazz as ‘90s innovations in drum-n-bass. The fragmented, lightning-paced beats of Squarepusher and Aphex Twin have been gleefully appropriated by today’s generation of percussionists and the proliferation of effects pedals have made it possible for single-line instruments to create the same electronic soundscapes once the signature of analog synthesizers. Paris/New York trio The Kandinsky Effect takes this approach, firmly grounding their electronic and rhythmic ideas in solid musicianship….. There is a fundamental expectation that a jazz record will be a document of a performance, as opposed to a sonic construction unto itself. The Kandinsky Effect does an amazing job of creating something that satisfies a listener’s expectations for both.” – The New York City Jazz Record


Tim Snider - Let Go, Jump in the River

Tim Snider – Let Go, Jump in the River

Produced by Tim Snider and Mixed by Sam Minaie

Dr Mint - Kingsize Sessions

Dr Mint – Kingsize Sessions

Dr Mint - Ritual

Dr Mint – Ritual

DR. MiNT is a veritable lightning rod for intuitive music. Their compositions are “100% spontaneously created,” and their brand new album, Kingsize Sessions, captures everything the band has become known to channel. Often associated with heavier rock, metal, or electronic musical styles, it’s easy to forget that the music that is being played, is always being played for the first time.

Daniel Rosenboom – trumpets
Gavin Templeton – saxophones, clarinets, flute
Alexander Noice – electric guitar and FX
Sam Minaie – electric bass and FX
Caleb Dolister – drums



Ian Ethan Case, Narrow Way

Narrow Way

Ian Ethan Case (Kalimba, Guitar)
“Narrow Way”
Jeremy Kittel – viola, violin
Nathaniel Smith – cello
Matt Kilmer – percussion
Caleb Dolister – drums
Jason Rafalak – upright bass
Dylan Coleman – upright bass
Edward Howe – 5-string electric fiddle


Milton Merlos, Mi Amor

Milton Merlos (Guitar)
“Mi Amor”
Produced by Tim Snider and Mixed by Sam Minaie


Gypsy Pompe

Gypsy Pompe (recorded in 2008)
Violin, vx- Derek Pell
Bass- Brad Barrett
Guitar- Zander Wyatt
Percussion- Aaron Miller
Percussion on Spanish Point, Salt Peanuts and Tiger Rag- Caleb Dolister
Mandolin- Ethan Ballinger (except After You’ve Gone which is Charlie Pate)
Charlie Pate- Vocals on After You’ve Gone


Fallen Angeles

Daniel Rosenboom (Composer/Jazz)
“Fallen Angeles”
Recorded at Westlake Studios in West Hollywood, CA
Sound Engineered by John Baffa and Steve Rusch
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Rosenboom and John Baffa, TV Tray Studio
Art + Design by Kio Griffith
Nine Winds Records 



Lightning Bolt

Laura A & The Bad Grades (Singer Songwriter)
“Lightning Bolt”
Engineered & Mixed by Andy Elis


Raices Nuevas

Sol’Jibe  (Rock/Latin/Jam)
Major Hana Records / Fontana


How Much Better if Plymouth Rock had Landed on the Pilgrims

David Rosenboom (Contemporary)
“How Much Better if Plymouth Rock had Landed on the Pilgrims”
Composer: David Rosenboom
New World Records


In Your Arms

Beth Browne (Singer Songwriter / Country)
“In Your Arms”


A New Symphony

DR. MiNT (Rock/Metal/Improvised)
“A New Symphony”
Mixed and Engineered by John Boffa and Dan Rosenboom
SNP Records (SNPDM-001)



Daily Thumbprint Collection

Daily Thumbprint Collection (Rock/Electronic)
“Daily Thumbprint Collection”
My first solo project
SNP Records (SNPDTC-001)


Laura A & The Bad Grades

Laura A & The Bad Grades (Singer Songwriter)
Engineered & Mixed by Andy Elis


Visions and Nightmares

DR. MiNT (Rock/Metal/Improvised)
“Visions and Nightmares”
Mixed and Engineered by John Boffa
pfMentum (PFMCD049)




In Capacitator

The Sonic Nation (Rock/Jazz/Electronic)
Mixed and Produced by Caleb Dolister
Engineered by Damn Gold
Artwork and Design by James Hoover
SNP Records (SNPSN-001)


The Jimdangles

Jimdangles (Jazz)
Bay Studios, Berkeley CA
Produced by the Jim Dangles & UNR Music Department
Artwork by Andrew Barbera
SNP Records (SNPJD-001)


Sampler 2007

The Sonic Nation (Rock/Jazz/Electronic)
“Sampler 2007”
Mixed and Produced by Caleb Dolister
Engineered by Damon Gold
SNP Records (SNPSN-002)


Drivers Side

The Groundsmen (Singer Songwriter / Jam)
“Drivers Side”
Label: SPAT! Records / IODA



Jimdangles (Jazz)
Bay Studios, Berkeley CA
Produced by the Jim Dangles & UNR Music Department
SNP Records (SNPJD-001)



Live @ Sierra Arts Gallery

Jimdangles (Jazz)
Recorded Live by The Jim Dangles @ Sierra Arts Gallery, Reno NV
SNP Records 


Artwork N/A
Kris Stipech
(Singer Songwriter / Rock)
“The Exchange EP”
Producer / Engineer: Trebor Gilmer
Sequoia Productions
Reno NV



Flower of Life EP

Adam Puliz (Singer Songwriter / Rock)
“Flower of Life EP”
Produced by Adam Puliz & Elements of Life Inc


Artwork N/A
Jackie Landrum (Vocalist / Jazz)
“At the House”
Engineer: Kris Landrum



Digital Documentation of Surreal Electrical Transmissions

The Electrosonics / Sonic Nation (Rock/Jazz/Electronic)
“Digital Documentation of Surreal Electrical Transmissions”
Recorded Live by Damon Gold
Mixed at Big Water Studios
SNP Records



Big Air

Darin Talbot (Folk/Rock/Singer Songwriter)
“Big Air”
Produced by Chris Mckeon & Darin Talbot
Sierra Nevada College Studios, Lake Tahoe
Air Tahoe Records


Live at the Blue Lamp, Reno

The Electrosonics / Sonic Nation (Rock/Jazz/Electronic)
Recorded Live at The Blue Lamp, Reno
Mixed by Sam Minaie



Memories of the Northern Lake

Akio Sasajima, Tomoko Sugita (Jazz)
Produced by Akio Sasajima
Recorded and Mixed at Big Water Studios


Expressions of Love

Erika Paul (Jazz Vocalist)
“Expressions of Love”
Imirage Sound Lab Studio



Tahoe Back Country

Darin Talbot (Folk/Rock/Singer Songwriter)
“Tahoe Back Country”
Recorded at Big Water Studios
Air Tahoe Records


Just One of the Flock

Gusher (punk/metal)
“Just one of the Flock”
Recorded in Grass Valley Ca @ Flying Whale Studios


Sheep Food EP

Gusher (punk/metal)
This was an awesome recording we made as 15-16 year old kids in my parents basement. We sold copied tapes to other kids at our High School to raise money for the studio recording “Just One of the Flock” which was released later in 1998.