Daily Thumbprint Collection

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Daily Thumbprint Collection is my solo project which features my compositions. There are three albums to date.

The Wandering (Orenda Records, 2020)
Available everywhere June 5, 2020!

Stencils (SNP Records, 2015)

Daily Thumbprint Collection (SNP Records, 2008)

About Daily Thumbprint Collection

The name Daily Thumbprint Collection was something I landed on after several years of developing my writing style which I think is best described as structured and multi-revisional.

I write using arranging software so that I can form an idea of the mix at the same time as the composition. For this project, how an instrument or part is treated matters just as much as the melody or harmony that it provides.

Sometimes, I’ll work on a piece for years, leaving behind several unique revisions along the way.

But despite the investment into time, the music is not an exercise in complexity, but rather a pursuit for sensibility using rhythmic themes and layering. It’s not uncommon for the harmony and melodies to act with simple movements that can easily be digested by any listener while the rhythm pounds ferociously through complex statements underneath. 

To put it simply, I’m writing music that I want to listen to by making micro adjustments along the way. I hope you will enjoy listening to it too.