Daily Thumbprint Collection 3, The Wandering
Daily Thumbprint Collection is an album series that I’ve been working on for more than a decade. I recently released The Wandering, a large-ensemble release. The music took 10 years and several cross-country travels to assemble. The result is pretty epic. The Wandering, is a follow-up to my two previous Daily Thumbprint Collection albums: Daily Thumbprint Collection – Self-Titled released in 2008, and Daily Thumbprint Collection 2, Stencils, released 2015

The Kandinsky Effect (
A transcendent trans-continental (Paris and New York) jazz/electronics/beyond trio with Warren Walker and Gael Petrina. In Fall 2017, Ropeadope Records released our most recent accomplishment, the album Pax 6, whose music reflects an evolving vision of dark rhythmic landscapes, and dynamic and shifty melodies. Officially the band’s 4th album, Pax 6 was recorded in Chamonix, France during April of 2016 and builds on several of our compositional directions hatched in our previous releases, including Somnambulist (2015) and Synesthesia (2013), both released on Cuneiform Records. The Kandinsky Effect, originally formed as a project to blend electronics and jazz, has matured over its 10-year lifespan to develop a truly distinctive, unique and visionary sound.  Get the most recent album here.

A fantastic musical project with Warren Walker, Federico Casagrande, and Sam Minaie. Get it here.

Twin Whales
A fun New York rock band with Ty Williams and Bradford Hill, and occasionally by the world-famous Kevin Lum. Twin Whales’ debut release, Watt Doom, came out on Orenda Records. More about the band and our album here.

Dr. Mint
Featuring Dan Rosenboom, Gavin Templeton, Alex Noice, and Sam Minaie, DR. MiNT has released 5 albums since 2007. Originally a project formed completely on improvisation, the band evolved to releasing projects using spontaneous composition, actually writing sheet music on the stage, live, and performing it. In April 2019, we were featured performers at the Boise State Jazz Festival. Our most recent releases are killer and you can find them all here.

SNP Records
A small and independent label formed in 2004 to focus on providing an organic outlet for creative music projects. Though not always actively working to release new content, the label provides a streamlined platform for both working bands and individual single releases.


Tunepatch is an experimental project I built that gives bands, small labels, solo musicians the ability to easily create digital music hotspots using print band merchandise or promotional materials. For example, we sell shirts for The Kandinsky Effect that include access to download Pax 6. It’s currently a beta release and is available to use for free.

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