DR.MiNT news, new recording and live video for “Down To One”

Just a quick bit from the DR.MiNT reunion in June.

Lots of stuff to share over the new few months, including a new record via special limited edition vinyl @Orenda Records


Daniel Rosenboom – Trumpet
Gavin Templeton – Alto Saxophone
Alexander Noice – Electric Guitar & FX
Sam Minaie – Electric Bass & FX
Caleb Dolister – Drums

Recorded June 10, 2016 at bluewhale (Los Angeles, CA)

Filmed by Ricky Chavez and Alex Chaloff
Sound Engineered by Alex Chaloff
Film Edited by Kai Kurosawa
Mixed and Mastered by Sam Minaie (Birdfood Studio, NYC)

©&(P) Orenda Records, 2016
All rights reserved.


Studio clips from the new Dr. Mint recording

It’s been about 6 years since Dr. Mint has produced any new material, and I am happy to announce that we are in the studio and will be performing live @ The Blue Whale in downtown Los Angeles on June 10th.


Announcing my new album, Daily Thumbprint Collection, Vol 2, Stencils

It’s been 6 years since my previous solo project album was released as Daily Thumbprint Collection. Today, I’m happy to announce a brand new album, Vol 2 Stencils.

Daily Thumbprint Collection, Vol 2 Stencils

This will be the second album in the series, and like the first, it’s based around electronic compositions that feature live tracked drums.

Vol 2, Stencils came about because I recently rediscovered several unfinished compositions that had been started back when I made my first record. After opening the session files, I quickly discovered new inspiration to begin working on them again. This new inspiration was partly influenced by better tools (improved audio software), and in part because my sense of composition and mixing skills have probably grown with time. The album contains four songs that I started writing between 2004-2007, and one that was started in 2009.

Stencils is available now through my Kickstarter campaign, which I launched to raise funds for the entire Daily Thumbprint Collection series. In addition to Stencils, I have also been working on another Daily Thumbprint Collection release, tentatively named The Hum. It’s already composed, tracked, and in being worked on now in post production. It’s slated to be released in two parts, hopefully later this year.

It’s common knowledge that producing and releasing albums can be a very long and expensive process, so the goal of using Kickstarter is to recoup expenses, share both Daily Thumbprint Collection’s Vol 1 and Vol 2 using some cool merchandise, and then raise some additional funds to help me continue working on The Hum.

The campaign offers everything from digital downloads to exclusive merchandise items like shirts, vinyl EPs, postcards, and even puzzles, all of which include unlimited MP3 downloads of both my Daily Thumbprint Collection albums using Tunepatch (a public service I built to let bands turn any physical item into a mobile content hotspot by providing instant access to streaming and downloading).

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Daily Thumbprint Collection Volume 2 “Stencils” is nearing a completion date

I released my first solo project into the world back in 2008. At the time, I lived in Nashville, TN, and was touring/performing about 200-150 days a year. I published an album where I did 99% of the entire project, including the compositions, performance, engineering, mixing, mastering, and artwork. I even released the album on my own independent record label. It was… fun.

And I am going to do it again within the next three weeks.

My project is the Daily Thumbprint Collection.

In actuality, there’s a couple albums in the works, but one of them is ready to be released. Daily Thumbprint Collection is an ongoing project that’s centered around my compulsive, hyper-edited electronic and acoustic compositions. Most of the songs I write for these albums take at least 3-5 years to complete. I mention that because time is actually a big part of my process.

In addition, I have been working on a side project at It’s a website that is built to offer alternative ways of distributing music. It provides a way to link printed merch items directly to cloud hosted music files. I think my new album is a good opportunity to try it out.

As I get ready to release these albums, I can’t help but try and figure out a “smarter” way to publish them. There’s the traditional route like printing CDs, but the more I think about that, the less I feel it’s a good idea. As a touring musician, I am used to promoting albums by traveling around on a tight budget with my band mates to play concerts, and then attempting to sell a couple shirts or CDs after the show. It’s a grueling process sometimes, but it over time works.

That’s not going to work this time.

Daily Thumbprint Collection is a unique project because it’s not a touring band that can build a fan base through performance. These albums are not intended for any kind of live performance, and sadly, it’s not really possible. This is really only meant to be shared as recorded music. The landscape ahead of me is full of online streaming, Facebook likes, YouTube plays, and other saturated online outlets that will probably never generate functional income. And while this project has never been about making money,  I do want it to have value.

This has lead me in a direction of rethinking what kind of music merchandise I want to create. It’s safe to say that I have a lot of thoughts to share on the topic. In my opinion, the models for releasing independent albums are already fruitless…. and the last thing I want is more unsold merchandise under my bed (there’s already too much down there).

This means it’s time to experiment, and solo albums are perfect candidates. What do I want? I want to sell my album and themed merchandise, but I don’t want to order any excess stock. Instead, I’m leaning towards only creating merchandise that people actually want to buy, so I might use crowdfunding as a merchandising tool.

Of course it will eventually be online, but physical copies will exist only in limited, special edition quantities.

We’ll see what happens. For anyone that’s interested, I’ve started an extented “perspectives” blog where I plan to share thoughts or rants on music merchandising from a non traditional route.

Otherwise, follow me on here, or Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook as I post updates.