Hello filmmakers

Thanks for visiting my website. I am finishing up an album which I have been working on for about 10 years, and I need help in the last step: videos and presentation.

I’ve done just about everything with this album from the writing, production, engineering, and even mixing. I just got my masters back from my friend at Birdfood Studios and I’m ready to put together a release plan.

This is going to be my 3rd and possibly final album in a series I have named the “Daily Thumbprint Collection.” The first album in the series was released in 2008, and a follow up in 2015. Both recordings were built around live drums using sequenced parts. I also created the graphics and design elements, did the layouts, and released on my tiny creative music label. Throughout these projects, all I could think about was writing a full record with all live instruments. This is that album. It’s the culmination of years of travels, life experiences, and includes performances with about twenty+ fantastic musicians I have met along the way. I want to do it justice, and that means using the music to tell stories. To do that, I need to meet and collaborate with some filmmakers to help me create stories to go along with the music I have spent so many years crafting.

The album is totally done, however, none of it has been publically released. 

I can say that it is 100% instrumental – no lyrics at all – and I am again the drummer throughout. It’s very rhythmic; it’s orchestral; it’s sometimes heavy and moody. I started writing for it in 2008 right after my first release, and over the course of about five years, traveled to several cities around the country to replace all the sequenced parts with live musicians. All parts were recorded in various locations like living rooms, college campuses, studios, and sometimes even warehouses or storage sheds. It’s full of strings, horns, woodwinds, electronics, piano and keyboards, heavy guitars, harps, lots more… it’s nuts, but it works. Then life and other musical projects happened, and several years went by before I finally had the focus and fresh ears to finish mixing it this last winter.

I am likely going to self-release or joint release in conjunction with another friend’s small creative music label. While I feel strongly that anyone I work with should be paid, I am entirely self-financing and my budget is limited. If it helps, I am also a web developer and open to discussing trade options. No matter what, I am open to all conversations and the first step is to listen and say hello.

For any and all that are interested, please email hidden; JavaScript is required (or visit and I will send you a private SoundCloud link to check out the album.


DR.MiNT news, new recording and live video for “Down To One”

Just a quick bit from the DR.MiNT reunion in June.

Lots of stuff to share over the new few months, including a new record via special limited edition vinyl @Orenda Records


Daniel Rosenboom – Trumpet
Gavin Templeton – Alto Saxophone
Alexander Noice – Electric Guitar & FX
Sam Minaie – Electric Bass & FX
Caleb Dolister – Drums

Recorded June 10, 2016 at bluewhale (Los Angeles, CA)

Filmed by Ricky Chavez and Alex Chaloff
Sound Engineered by Alex Chaloff
Film Edited by Kai Kurosawa
Mixed and Mastered by Sam Minaie (Birdfood Studio, NYC)

©&(P) Orenda Records, 2016
All rights reserved.


Studio clips from the new Dr. Mint recording

It’s been about 6 years since Dr. Mint has produced any new material, and I am happy to announce that we are in the studio and will be performing live @ The Blue Whale in downtown Los Angeles on June 10th.


Announcing my new album, Daily Thumbprint Collection, Vol 2, Stencils

It’s been 6 years since my previous solo project album was released as Daily Thumbprint Collection. Today, I’m happy to announce a brand new album, Vol 2 Stencils.

Daily Thumbprint Collection, Vol 2 Stencils

This will be the second album in the series, and like the first, it’s based around electronic compositions that feature live tracked drums.

Vol 2, Stencils came about because I recently rediscovered several unfinished compositions that had been started back when I made my first record. After opening the session files, I quickly discovered new inspiration to begin working on them again. This new inspiration was partly influenced by better tools (improved audio software), and in part because my sense of composition and mixing skills have probably grown with time. The album contains four songs that I started writing between 2004-2007, and one that was started in 2009.

Stencils is available now through my Kickstarter campaign, which I launched to raise funds for the entire Daily Thumbprint Collection series. In addition to Stencils, I have also been working on another Daily Thumbprint Collection release, tentatively named The Hum. It’s already composed, tracked, and in being worked on now in post production. It’s slated to be released in two parts, hopefully later this year.

It’s common knowledge that producing and releasing albums can be a very long and expensive process, so the goal of using Kickstarter is to recoup expenses, share both Daily Thumbprint Collection’s Vol 1 and Vol 2 using some cool merchandise, and then raise some additional funds to help me continue working on The Hum.

The campaign offers everything from digital downloads to exclusive merchandise items like shirts, vinyl EPs, postcards, and even puzzles, all of which include unlimited MP3 downloads of both my Daily Thumbprint Collection albums using Tunepatch (a public service I built to let bands turn any physical item into a mobile content hotspot by providing instant access to streaming and downloading).

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